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Bond with Your Kids Over Pickles!

Pickles, achaar, avakai, urukai, jarana – whatever they call it in your culture – in India, pickles are not just condiments but a reminder of our traditions, fragrances of our grandparents’ homes, memories of summer holidays, shared tiffin boxes with best friends, and much more!

Making summer pickles with your children can be a great way to bond with them, and pass on old traditions and good health. After all, even the celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is a big advocate for traditional pickles

Here are our Mom tips for making pickle making a fun activity with your children:

  1. Involve them in easy and child-friendly activities like pouring the oil and spices, stirring and mixing the pickle every day. Describe to them what you are doing, and describe the actions – “circular,” “folding,” “gently,” “thoroughly,” this improves their vocabulary, and helps them associate actions and words – hands down the best approach to intellectual development. It also improves their hand eye coordination.
  2. Ask them to check on the pickle regularly to see if it is done – gives them a purpose, and immense satisfaction in tending to a task, and making sure it is completed. They will remember throughout the year that the pickle being served to the whole family and even guests is something they helped make!
  3. Tell them stories of your childhood while you make the pickles together – how you would steal pieces of the cut mangoes, sneak in a lick of spices, and then get caught and scolded by your mom or grand mom. Telling them stories of how you did naughty things as well helps them accept who they are (especially if they are naughty!) and grow up to be confident adults willing to make mistakes and learn! Most of all… laugh with them! Nothing is more therapeutic than laughing with your toddler!

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