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Coronavirus Lockdown: Let’s make the most of it!

Best Places to Visit with Family

The outbreak of coronavirus and the ensuing lockdown in India has forced us all into a
house arrest. Children are naturally inclined to go out to with their friends, playing in the park
and doing all kinds of fun. However, during these tough times, everyone must avoid such
crowded places and ensure that your kids stay at home.

There are several activities that you can do with youthat will keep both of you entertained
and will help the kids learn new skills. Let us look into some of them:

  1. Let’s get creative
    ‘The world is your canvas’ and there are a lot of creative activities that you can do with your kids to boost their creative side and the bonding between you. Such activities include stone painting, paper mosaic, making figures with dough, vegetable painting, paper mask-making, ice cream stick art/pen stand, card making, doodling, origami art and much more.

  1. Treat your palate
    Cook with your kids and make easy yet attractive dishes with them. Start slow, maybe with a snack dish and if things go well, you can cook dinner with them too. Make cheesy Monaco bites, tacos, mac & cheese, sevpuri, fruit chat, roti rolls, sandwiches, corn chat and the list can be endless. It’s time to get creative and try new snack ideas with your little one.
  2. Learn a new skill
    Did you ever want to learn something but never got the time? With Google available to assist you 24×7, it is the right time to learn that together with your kids. Try classical or any other form of dance, singing, learn a new instrument or even brush up on your existing skills. Moreover, you can teach them how to play chess or carom too.
  3. Study a new language
    There are plenty of apps and websites that offer free courses for learning any language. Download them or get online, make learning fun as you get to study an all-new language with your child (you never know this just might turn into your secret code language with your child)
  4. Let’s exercise
    Staying at home does not mean being a couch potato, it’s time to get up and exercise with your little one. Yoga, stretching, skipping, Zumba and much more. You can even play some indoor games with them like hopscotch.

As you spend more time with your family during the lockdown, make good memories and take photos of these moments. It is very easy to get consumed in everything that is happening in the world due to this pandemic, that we forget what is happening right before our eyes. Make every effort to enjoy this time with your kids at home even as you stay safe.

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