Strong Girls Foundation

The Strong Girls Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by the Baby & Travel Chronicles community. The Foundation aims to improve health, education, and well being of girls from underprivileged families. The Foundation is set up as a Trust which will select one or multiple organizations working to achieve the aim of the Foundation as its beneficiaries. 100% of the money donated to or raised by the Strong Girls Foundation will be chanelled towards these highly effective organization personally vetted and selected by Sylekhya and Rashi.

There are many ways in which the Baby Travel Chronicles community can help depending on how much and how they wish to contribute:

Donate: Easiest for those who love reading our stories and content, believe in supporting the cause Strong Girls Foundation, but may not have time to contribute in other ways. Or for those who simply LOVE us unconditionally Click the donate button and donate to the Foundation.

Create Content: This is for the fun-loving women who have some time to contribute to our cause! Every time we put up new content we help bring new traffic to our blog – more traffic means more interest from advertisers and affiliates – leading to revenues for the community and the foundation. You can help by creating the following types of content:

  • Videos: Create unique and fun videos about parenting, or travel stories
  • Blog Posts: Write your unique travel or parenting stories into blog posts
  • Social Media Posts: Create unique posts for our Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook Accounts based on your travel or parenting stories

Engage With the Community: This is for those who don’t have time to create content for us but love our content and our mission (and us!). Show your love by actively engaging with our content in the following ways:

  • Follow: Follow all our Social Media handles: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – the more followers we have the more traffic and legitimacy our
    community gets (getting us more ad revenues, etc.)
  • Comment: The best to increase the profile of any content we create is to generate discussion. Comment on our Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and
    most importantly, Blog posts

For those who simply LOVE us unconditionally Click the donate button
and donate to the Foundation.