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Tips To Combat Boredom In Your Kids And Encourage Learning In Them

The ongoing Covid-19 led lockdown has been tough on us all, but it has been tougher on children. These free-spirited beings like to go outside, playing in the park with their friends. They dislike being indoors for long. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the parents to keep them engaged at home with productive activities. In this blog, I am going to discuss several such activities for kids at home that are fun and push them towards learning as well.

Teach them Yoga
One of the easiest and healthiest activities you can do with your kids is to make them practice the ancient art of yoga daily. The discipline of yoga is great for improving their overall health and keep their energy levels up, a dire necessity during these times. Moreover, if they learn this discipline early on, they will lead healthier lives.

Train them in Cooking
This quarantine is the best time to teach your little chefs some simple dishes they can make for themselves. If you want to get a bit more creative, there are a plethora of sources online that offer online cooking classes. Who knows, your child may become the next master chef?

Teach Them A New Tongue
Knowing another language can be beneficial to today’s kids as it will open up new horizons to them. With the online world just a click away, this has become easier than ever. There are plenty of free apps online that teaches new languages and most are designed as games so the kids can have fun while learning something.

Do Some Art & Craft
By involving the children in art and craft, you will not only be helping them pass time easily, but also giving the proverbial wings to their creative nature. Making easy, simple crafts will help your children hone their talents and also sharpen their minds.

Make Them Write Letters
Instant messaging and chat rooms may be the trend in communication these days, but nothing can beat the charms of letters. Besides serving as excellent nostalgia evoking archives and having great sentimental value, letters are the best way to improve your child’s penmanship and help in improving their thought process.

Build With Lego
Lego’s toys are a great source of fun and are widely popular with kids. However, apart from fun, they sneakily teach us the fundamentals of physics. Make your kids start with simple structures and as they grasp the concept, level up towards more advanced ones. It will keep them occupied for hours.

While technology has enabled parents to work from home during this lockdown, managing their kids along with work can be a tough task for the work-from-home parents. On the brighter side though, working in the company of your kids gives you an excellent opportunity to connect with your child. Focus on spending quality time and not just quantity time with them and arrange the activities around those times. Apart from these things though, making your kid feel loved is the key to their happiness.

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