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Travel-Inspired Ideas for Entertaining Your Kids At Home!

  1. Go for an “Animal Safari” in your lawn or living room!
    Take your child’s favorite stuffed animals or animal toys and hide them in different parts of the space with just a head or a tail or a leg peaking (to not make it very difficult for young kids!) Then ask your child to pretend that they are an animal explorer out on a safari – you can even use a toy car to go on the safari and that they need to spot the animals and bring them back to you. This easily takes 20-30 minutes and keeps children active, engaged, and entertained!
  1. Use books & story time to travel to distant lands
    I’m sure we all have books that cover different places or cultures, either the kid’s national geographic or any kids travel books. Reading in itself is a great activity with kids, the travel ones more so as they increase their knowledge and curiosity about different places in the world. Mealtimes usually end up being story times as well. This is an opportunity to talk about trips taken together or our childhood memories that they haven’t experienced. Topics covered range from pyramids to hurricanes!
  1. Go for a “Picnic” in your lawn/balcony/terrace/living room!
    Add some fun to snack time by taking your children and their favorite snack for a picnic in the lawn! Have then help you cut the fruits, make some popcorn, or even bake some muffins, and then pack them in a basket (for full effect!) remember to bring a mat and a ball or Frisbee. As they snack you can have them tell you a fun story or you can tell them one!
  1. Pretend to go on a trip!
    Usually works well with siblings/ cousins. But no harm in adults joining in on the fun. Let them spend time making a packing list (for those who are old enough to write this can be an opportunity to practice writing), finding the items and packing their own carry on/trunki. Pick one room as the destination hotel and let their imagination take it from there… Time spent is usually 30-60mins.
  1. Cook their favorite travel foods together
    Food memories are as strong for kids as they are for adults. There’s no need to be a world class chef to achieve this either. For us its usually pasta… like the shapes she had in Paris. Boiling the pasta, mixing the sauce and setting up family restaurant at our dining table and most fun part washing the dishes after!
  1. Recreate their favorite travel memory with play dough/blocks/magnet tiles!
    Ask them about their favorite travel memory and try to create it with any building aid you have like playdough, blocks, magnetic tiles, or even Jenga tiles! Mine said her favorite travel memories were going to the zoo in Mauritius and in Portugal. So we spent an hour making play dough animals!

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